At Carson Elementary School, students from grade two to eight take a NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) test in reading and math three times a year to measure their academic growth. The NWEA test will take place fall, winter and spring and it is a computer-based assessment. Each student’s test is unique because the questions are based on the student achievement level. The length of the test is about 1 hour and students are assigned to take a reading and math test in a one week interval. After a student completes the test, the results will be given to the student and their teachers. The teachers analyze the results and make informed decisions to promote your child’s academic growth. Also, the teachers use the information to plan their instruction, group students, plan lessons, and make decisions about instructional pacing for your child.

NWEA will provide your child’s "expected growth target" after the first assessment at the beginning of the school year. The student’s goal is to work towards his or her expected growth throughout the year. Teachers and your child will discuss this target and create an effective plan to meet the target. All plans and "expected growth targets" will be documented and sent home. Parents can review the plans and monitor their child's progress. The spring test results provide feedback to students, parents, and teachers about how your child's learning has grown through the year.

For more information about NWEA and tools for parent, please visit Parent Toolkit